Martin has a strong background in business, law and self employment: as an employer or self-employed commercial lawyer since 1989, and currently as a coach and businessman. His experience includes five years as a partner and staff partner in a large commercial law firm and 11 years running his own commercial law practice. He has been a professional coach since 2001. Martin is also one of the few coaches in New Zealand to hold the International Coach Federation's credential of certified coach. He has also been a director of the International Coach Federation Australasia Inc.

Martin's experience and expertise are predominantly in working with leaders, managers and professionals in the coaching areas of work/life balance; developing leadership and personal presence; building personal energy and capacity; converting awareness and vision into goals, actions and results; conflict resolution and communication effectiveness; developing emotional and social intelligences; and developing more transparent, trust based and collaborative organizations. Much of Martin's coaching involves developing an individual's personal foundation, capacity and broader intelligences to better support them - within the workplace - to be more strategic and productive in a sustainable and influential way.