Thought Partners Strategic Planning - Change Management - Leadership Training Wellington



Experienced, trusted and innovative

Thought Partners is a well-known and respected consulting company based in Wellington. At the heart of what we do is a belief in the capacity for individuals and organisations to change. We are leaders in the field of organisation development (OD) and apply our skills and knowledge of the social sciences to complex organisational challenges. We provide advice to business leaders on how to work with people to achieve outcomes at individual and whole-of-organisation levels. Our services include design and facilitation of group processes, coaching and partnering. We apply our skills to change management, leadership training and development, career management, partnering, and planning. 

Our company was formed in 2007 following the merger of Tall Poppies Ltd and Navigate International Ltd. We have been in the consulting business since 1990, when our former company Tall Poppies was established, and have a depth of experience built up through growth and innovation. 

Thought Partners